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high page rank backlinks

Ok, let’s cut all the crap you hear about social signals, content marketing, blogging, and etc…. There’s so much bad information floating around the internet on what really works for making a website rank that I want to address.

If you don’t want to read then watch me ramble about it for a bit.

Ok, you’re still interested

Check out the moz factors for rankings in 2013

The reality is that if you want to get great rankings, then you’re going to have to attain some high page rank back-links. It’s not about your tweets and likes (it’s a little bit about your google+ thought). It’s not even about generating content or pushing out content through social media mediums. At the end of the day, it’s just all about getting really high quality websites that also have incredible backlinks to link over to you.

What’s the perfect backlink?

The perfect backlink is a combination of two main factors:

  1. The pagerank of the site linking over to your website
  2. The relevancy of that website to yours

Sounds really simple huh? So why aren’t you ranking yet? Ok, the process of getting backlinks is tough. It’s REALLY tough. Attaining really high quality links that are relevant to your niche means that you’re going to have to network with people and write some pretty incredible content. That’s the only way you’re going to be recognized in your niche and attain some sort of traction.

It’s not black hat or white hat… it’s high PR

Stop worrying about the type of SEO you’re doing and start worrying about the type of links you’re getting. I’ve seen black hatters and white hatters get spanked by the latest Google algorithms. Frankly,¬†we all want to manipulate Google and make tons of dough with our sites… be honest! Let’s get real the bottom line to internet marketing, SEO, etc… is that you’re providing value and that value is causing humans to think you’re awesome and so they feel compelled to link to you with (hopefully) really high PR relevant websites.

Some actions you can take today to fix your backlink problems in life

A. Guest post

  1. Do you want to crush the rankings in your local area? Who doesn’t. Here’s two things you can do today to attain high PR backlinks.
  2. Build some amazing content on your website that helps people solve a specific problem in your niche.
  3. Start networking with high quality bloggers in your niche provide them value (help them solve a problem).
  4. After you’ve built the relationship then ask them for a guest posting opportunity.

B. Microsite

  1. Buy a high PR site that has really quality backlinks
  2. Change the content on the site to match your specific niche
  3. Start creating incredible valuable content about that niche
  4. Rinse and repeat Guest Post steps.
  5. Link site over to your main site.

Stay under the radar of Matt Cutts

Sounds controversial huh? The thing to focus on is that it really does not matter what you do, at the end of the day if you’re providing humans with really high quality content Google will rank you for the niche theme of your website.

Closing thoughts

Don’t over think your SEO. Stop trying to manipulate all the factors that have nothing to do with your rankings and start focusing on the things that really matter. You’ll make more money at the end of the day… best of luck to you all!