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The design, structure, and layout of your website plays a major role in attracting leads and creating conversions. Many people determine the reliability and capability of a business within seconds of viewing a page of their website. Because of this, it is important that your website be one that attracts the eye and conveys capability to your viewers.

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As times change and new layouts are attempted, designs with certain features have risen to the top, as they have shown to be more attractive to visitors. To help boost your lead conversion rate and make your website memorable, here is our list of 7 upcoming web design trends that you need to know about.


With the explosion of technology over the past few decades comes both challenges and opportunities for web designers. With the varying screen sizes, from smart phones and tablets to big screen TVs, designers have had to come up with a way to ensure all users can comfortably surf the web from any of these devices.

A responsive web structure allows the content of your site to shift, expand, shrink, and move to fit the size of the screen used by the viewer. This capability allows users to easily navigate to your website and browse your content from any device, increasing their chances of becoming a lead.

A site that lacks a responsive layout requires viewers to pull and drag the structure around the screen to see different parts of the web page. A non-responsive structure requires that the viewer put extra effort into viewing your websites content. This puts your business at serious risk of losing potential leads simply because viewers do not want the hassle of navigating your website. Embracing this latest feature in web design will keep you in the competition.

Major Update: As of April 21st 2015 Google is going to be penalizing website that are not mobile friendly. To check to see if Google sees your website as mobile friendly use Google’s provided checker tool here. If you’re website is not mobile friendly you will experience a drastic drop in rankings via mobile devices. You can learn more about this update from Google here.


When a viewer first opens up your website, you want to make a good first impression. Complex, intricate, and busy designs have been used by numerous websites over time, and have shown to have a very poor return on investment (ROI). Viewers usually perceive the site as messy, unkempt, and feel that it will require extra time and effort to find the information they’re looking for.

So they look elsewhere.

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The latest design development shows that sites with a one dimensional appearance are far more attractive to users than those with three dimensions. A flat style that uses attractive colors and makes prominent information readily available has shown to attract more viewers and potential leads. Due to the effective results this layout produces, expect to see it used more and more in 2015.

Scroll, No Click

As the use of smartphones becomes more and more common place, creating a site that is comfortably navigated from a phone is a great way to make good impression. Instead of requiring users to click or push buttons on a little screen, web designers have found that developing a structure which allows the users to simply scroll through information is a far simpler way of conveying the same information.

Instead of squinty eyes and delicate finger tapping, viewers can leisurely scroll through your website. Putting prominent information at the top of your home page and making the rest easy to access will open up another avenue through which potential customers can contact you.

Pictures and Videos

Pictures are a great tool for attracting and directing the eyes of your users. Not only can great images add a sophisticated touch to your website, they communicate a sense of cleanliness and quality service. They are also far more entertaining to users than words on a webpage.

Pictures are often used by designers to direct users to certain sections of content on a website. If people are in an image on your website, users are quick to notice two things: the eyes of the people in the image, and where their eyes are looking. Designers will often use this to their advantage by inserting images of people looking toward a Call To Action, or facing the direction of important information.

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Videos are also a quick and easy way to inform your users. With one click, viewers have the opportunity to visibly and audibly takes in all that your business is, and what it can provide. Viewers are far more likely to watch a video than read through lines of text.

Card Design

When designing basic structure of a website, designers have found a method of displaying information that users find very attractive. The Card Design is a method of designing that divides the website into card like sections, each containing an attractive image or title describing the content to which it links. Selecting a desired card or a particular section of the screen will take that user to the information they are interested in.

The simple layout with large attractive images is intriguing to the eyes and draws a user into the page. They immediately begin looking for the card that would provide exactly the information they need. Creating the proper cards to provide the right information for your visitors is a necessary step of the process, but one that has the potential of yielding big results. A website that is easy to navigate while simultaneously providing what users want will bring you one step closer to getting more leads.

Many business have taken the uncomfortable step of starting and maintaining a website. While this is a good first step, a website with poor visuals, no responsiveness, and difficult navigation will turn viewers away faster than you can imagine.

If starting and maintaining a website seems like more than you can handle, consider outsourcing it to a reliable inbound marketing agency. Here at Fannit, one of our specialities is helping our clients maintain a relevant and attractive website to help draw in leads for their businesses.