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The way you design your web structure and layout has a significant role in attracting leads to your website and creating conversions. Most visitors determine the capacity and reliability of a business within seconds of viewing your web pages. This calls for creating a website that is attractive to the audience and delivers quality content to their satisfaction. This is the essence of high quality SEO services If you need to change your brand or make updates to your website, our team here at Fannit will be able to help you. Also, acquaint yourself with the latest Google updates will prove very useful in creating an effective website.

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Seattle Web Design: 5 Trends

With the changes in time and development of new layouts and designs, some features have emerged that can boost the ranking of your page and encourage a higher rate of conversion. To make your website more attractive, memorable, and improve the conversion rate, here are 5 Powerful Website Trends you should know about.


Web designers, over the past few years, have faced both challenges and opportunities with the explosion of technology. One major problem has been the development of varying screen sizes for large screen TVs, smartphones, and tablets. This has compelled designers to find a way for web pages to fit varying screen sizes depending on the user devices. Having a responsive design allows the user to browse comfortably regardless of the display size used.

Having a responsive design allows the contents of your site to expand or shrink to fit the screen size used by the site visitor. This design trend allows users to navigate your website with ease, increasing the chances of visitors becoming leads and your website ranking in search engine result pages.

A lack of responsiveness forces visitors to manually resize the structure to view the whole page. The extra effort that users are subjected to can cause you to not lose a lot of potential leads, as users don’t want to put up with the extra hassle to view your web content. Embracing this powerful website trend will put you at an advantage in the highly competitive internet market. Google has begun penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly. A lack of mobile-friendliness will result in a significant drop in the ranking of your page via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Check how user-friendly your site is using this [checker tool provided by Google]


A good first impression is what every website owner desires to give their viewers. This determines the amount of time the user spends on your site, if they will convert to leads, and if they will return or share your web pages. Intricate and busy designs are perceived as unkempt and messy, and the user will feel like they need to do extra work to get what they want from the site, and go elsewhere.

Designing your site with a one dimensional appearance is more attractive than three-dimensional website designs. Using a flat style with beautiful colors has the potential to make information readily available and attract more viewers, resulting in higher conversion rates. Given its effectiveness, expect this design to be more popular.

Scroll, Not Click

With the continued growth in the number of smartphone users, sites should be designed to be navigated comfortably from phones. This is one excellent way to make a great first impression and keep users on your site. With a scroll, not click design, users will not be required to click or push buttons on their little screens. A design that allows users just to scroll through makes it way simpler to convey information to the audience.

This feature eliminates the need for users to squint their eyes and tap on the small, delicate buttons. It allows users to leisurely scroll through your site enjoying the experience all the way. This design puts the most prominent information at the top of the home page then make the rest easily accessible, increasing user experience and engagement with your site.

Pictures and Videos

The human eye is readily attracted to images whether still or moving. This makes pictures one of the great tools and one of the 5 most powerful website trends. Pictures not only add a sophisticated touch to your site, but also communicate a sense of quality and cleanliness. Pictures are way more entertaining compared to plain words used on web pages.

With pictures, designers can direct users to specific sections of web content. Users quickly notice the eyes of the people in the images and where they are looking. This can be used to your advantage, for example, inserting an image of a person looking at the Call To Action or in the direction of some relevant information.

One quick and easy way to inform your users is by using videos on your site. With just a click, the user can access audibly and visibly the information you have to share and what your business offers. Watching a video is far more appealing than reading text.

Card Design

From the basic design stage of a website, there is a trend where designers can now display information in an attractive and simplistic manner. Using the card design divides the site into card-like sections, with each containing some attractive image or a short title describing the section the card links to. By selecting the desired card, the user will be directed to the right information that interests them.

With such a simple, attractive and intriguing design, the user’s eyes will be drawn to the page. Large images have a way of making users click on them, are easy to deal with, and provide an easy way to organize information, making it fast for the user to access. This has the potential of yielding big results for website conversions.

Stand Out Among the Competition

With an increasing number of businesses creating and maintaining their websites, being competitive in your niche is a must. A website with poor visuals that lacks responsiveness and presents difficulty in navigation will work against the business since viewers will be turned away faster than they came in. These 5 Powerful Website Trends are imperative for any website.

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