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Seattle SEO Expert: Quality VS Quantity – Who Do You Trust?

I’ve spent considerable time trying to objectively compare the SEO work that Fannit has been doing for our clients with the work of other SEO companies. Originally, I was looking to answer questions like: What are we doing right? How can we improve?

But, what struck me the most while reading back and forth between our clients’ sites and other SEO companies’ work, is that there is a common disconnect between SEO companies and the business owners they support. Namely, many business owners do not fully understand what quality SEO strategy and management looks like, and therefore open themselves up to being taken advantage of by mediocre SEO companies who only do half the job they should be doing and don’t communicate all they should to their clients.

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If you’re unsure if your current SEO is producing the results you desire, or if you just want to make sure that your current SEO management company is putting in the work they should, then this article is for you. My hope is that this post will help you understand what to look for in a quality SEO company, and why the really good ones, like Fannit, are worth the investment.

What is an Expert SEO?

What is SEO? In basic terms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that search engines will show your site as a top result when prospects search for help in your industry.

Breaking that down even further, a lot of people like to summarize SEO as using keywords to get on the first page of Google’s search results. While this summary is partially true, I often find that many business owners have accepted it as the only definition of SEO. Consequently, they work with SEO management companies who just churn out keyword-stocked content, while failing to connect business and SEO into a cohesive marketing strategy.

A quality SEO company does much more than just keyword production. They take the time to develop a unique SEO strategy for your business, conduct an extensive SEO website analysis and research on which keywords are used in your industry and location, and maintain a dialogue with you as the business owner to ensure that your marketing investment is paying off in sales.

Expert SEO Strategy Development

In order to develop a powerful SEO strategy, a quality SEO company will get to know your business. They need to understand the nitty gritty about what you do so that they can accurately represent your company in the content they create.

Furthermore, they will get to know your customers and clients. In order to develop effective SEO strategies for your business, they need to have a clear understanding of what kind of prospects your business appeals to —who do you sell to? What stage of life are they in? What do they care about? A good SEO manager will use this information to create content that appeals to exactly the kind of prospect your business hopes to attract.

And finally, in developing a marketing strategy for your business, a quality SEO manager will examine the steps your company has already taken to market online. They will conduct SEO website analysis to determine which of your content is currently bringing prospects to your website(s), and will then implement this successful content into your new SEO strategy.

How a SEO Expert Delivers Results

The greatest divide between mediocre and quality SEO companies is that while both of them strive to make your website more authoritative within search engines’ algorithms, a quality SEO company will go the extra mile to close the loop between marketing and sales. This is because SEO managers should not just be focused on driving traffic to the site, but also on connecting with you as the business owner to discuss sales and how these affect your SEO strategies.

There are several kinds of data that your SEO manager should be discussing with you. They need to keep you updated on the traffic coming into your site and its source—whether that be organic, paid, referral, or direct. Also, they need to inform you what percentage of your traffic is converting into leads (leads are visitors to your site which give you permission to contact them). And finally, you and your SEO manager need to be working together to measure the percentage of leads which result in orders and sales.

The final way by which you can identify a quality SEO company is if they work with you to track the investment you make into SEO marketing and help you calculate your business’s ROI. This will let you know if you have an acceptable cost per lead and revenue per sale. With this data you can determine if your investment has paid off, and if you’ve been careful in seeking out a quality SEO company, then I’m sure that it has.

In conclusion, good SEO is more than keywords and content writing – it’s an open dialogue between a business owner and their SEO company. Because of this, an SEO manager is able to adjust strategy and quickly react to market changes as the needs arise, and the business owner is able to track their investment while growing their business.

Get Expert SEO  Services Today

I hope this article has helped you come to a better understanding of what a quality SEO company looks like. If while reading this you’ve realized that you are in need of true SEO expertise in your business, then contact us today to see how my team here at Fannit can help take your business to the next level.