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Fannit has been a great marketing asset to Clean Crawls and has proven to me that they can consistently bring new business in the door. They are professional Internet Marketing experts. I’m glad we partnered with them to bring us new business.

Chuck Hendrichsen – CEO – Clean Crawls




  • 50% More Online Leads
  • 132% Increase of Organic Traffic
  • 3900% ROI on Marketing Budget
  • 495% Increase in Organic Rankings


Keith Eneix

Keith Eneix

I Grow Your Business with the Fannit Team

Neil Eneix

Neil Eneix

I Help You Strategize Your Sales Goals

Tony Lael

Tony Lael

I Help You Strategize Your Sales Goals

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If your company is looking for search engine marketing services, Fannit is able to provide either in-house consultant services or on-site services. Most SEO marketing takes place with an ongoing internet marketing campaign. We will provide an expert for your team’s training while we implement your SEO, Social, and PPC marketing strategies.

Taking Your Team to the Next Level

Depending upon the level of expertise your current in-house team is at, we can tailor our marketing services to your exact needs. Our trainer will guide your staff to a better understanding of how they can take your company’s web presence to the next level.

What Our Consultation Services Look Like

You can expect that our experts will seek to transfer every important aspect of Search Engine Optimization necessary during our training processes. Our goal is to turn your team members into fully functional industry experts. Here’s a breakdown of our consultation processes:

  • 5 hours – We will cover the basics of on-site optimization procedures and provide answers to any questions that may come up while implementation is taking place. This includes information like: how to optimize your title tags, descriptions, h1, h2,h3, keyword density, basic architecture for siloing, Content Management System implementation, and more.
  • 5 hours – Basics of social promotion will be covered. This includes training on how to setup your own network for social media promotion on social sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and more. We will also train your team on automated tools to help the social promotion process be more efficient.
  • 10 hours – We will cover the basics of link building development and implementation. This includes understanding the processes necessary for broken link building, e-mail promotion, Press Release promotion, Social, Infographics, and more. Depending upon the abilities of your team, we are able to help out with any necessary coding or design that is needed for your website.

We will customize your company’s training based upon your specific needs. The outline above is purely for reference as to how our consultation services work. We expect that our consultation services will also be ran with our actual full service Search Engine Optimization packages to achieve the maximum results. Most companies will utilize our expert consultation to help their team accomplish basic SEO tasks while we manage the overall campaign on a retainer. This allows us to continue to engage your team on evolving SEO strategies while your team carries out the daily tasks needed.

Typical Pricing for Consultation

As an a la carte service, we can provide your company with consultation services in packages of 20 hours or more each month.