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A few weeks ago we got a call from a potential client who was looking for SEO services. This client had just fired their third SEO company and, in frustration, was on the hunt for another marketing company.

While we were talking to the potential client, we realized that the issue they were having was not from a lack of rankings, it was actually a problem caused by not having a closed loop with their marketing team (marketing wasn’t connected with their sales team and revenue goals).

keyword optimization seo and communication

See, the previous SEO companies had actually done quite a decent job with keyword rankings. The potential client had over 915 local keyword rankings all within the top 20 positions.

However, we kept running into a problem in our conversation. Even though we explained the closed loop issue, the potential client didn’t fully realize what we were trying to communicate to them and kept referencing back to their need for more technical information on how we could create more rankings for his company.

The Technical SEO Black Hole

Technical SEO can be a black hole. While it’s an absolute necessity to have on-site elements correct, canonicals pointed correctly, and a pristine site hierarchy…. in the best of circumstances, your company will still be missing something.

What we often see happening is companies who only focus on technical SEO for marketing will still have holes in their revenue gains. In an effort to correct the existing revenue problems, they focus even more on the technical side and hope that this will be the ultimate solution.

The problem is that there’s a single component missing – the oldest key in the book to fixing their marketing problems… communicating correctly with their target audience.

As our technical SEO head, I’ve found that it’s relatively easy to only focus on the technical aspects of SEO. Even though I really enjoy technical, I’ve had to communicate that it’s not the only thing companies need – and it’s the reason why we have members of our team who focus entirely on audience and communication. It’s a necessary component for revenue growth.

In my early years as a technical specialist, I remember spending countless hours in technical work on my clients websites. At the same time, I put very little effort into understanding the communication flow that was needed for my clients to be effective with their target audience.

While good technical SEO is a vital aspect of internet marketing, its ability to increase revenues for your company is quite limited without properly planning the foundation that answers the question, “who are we targeting.”

Summed up, it’s a big misunderstanding in the marketing world to assume that rankings – or even certain positions in the SERPS (search engine results page) will always drive up company revenue. The real growth comes from dialing your communication in with who you’re targeting.

It’s important to understand that this process is not accomplished by doing keyword research by itself. Dialing in how you’re supposed to communicate is a lengthy process that includes content marketing (campaign focused) with clear landing pages that have the right calls to action.

All these elements must be accountable to a conversion rate optimization expert that tests all the assumptions that point to actual lead and sales conversions.

First, look for leaks in your marketing engine

Building a really successful marketing engine may require getting back to basics. There may be leaks in the system that, once taken care of, can help drive better margins and revenue.

A great place to start that I would recommend is with financial goals. “Making more” isn’t going to be the best target, Start by looking at financial goals that are specific and attainable within the first year – both personally and for your company. I”ll never forget one of my mentors comments regarding finances saying, “You always work harder for goals outside of yourself.”

Second, examine your audience and ask yourself, “Who are we targeting?” and “How are we communicating with them in the sales process?” Look at how you are providing value. Are you providing it at all stages of the buying cycle – for users just browsing or comparing, or are you only providing value to those ready to buy.

Second, find a good system for marketing training

Some really great tools that we recommend for this would include Hubspot, Moz, and Quicksprout, just to name a few. Regular interaction with highly trusted niche communities like this can help increase knowledge and skills. I would encourage all business owners or marketing heads to become inbound marketing certified. This can help lay the framework for understanding how specific online marketing methodologies can impact your company’s bottom line.

If you’re working with a company like us, this also makes it easier for both of us to do our job well – since it’s important that the goals of the sales and marketing team are aligned. This can be accomplished even easier when there’s a mutual understanding of the marketing methodologies that are being used.

Third, free your revenue by focusing on audience communication (not just keyword targeting)

This is really the focal point. True SEO is all about audience communication.Here’s why…

When you’re communicating and organizing your content in a manner which is organized for humans, you will not only increase your conversion rates (because of better communication) but you will often naturally organize your website, keyword density, inner-site linking, and site hierarchy in a way that Google will easily index and rank for the keywords you want.

Basically, good SEO is a natural outflow of great communication methodologies. Bad SEO focuses on just ranking keywords.

Unfortunately, you can focus on ranking keywords throughout your whole campaign, but not see higher revenue from conversions. If you’re on a 12 month contract that’s a lot of money potentially gone to waste. On top of it, your marketing system isn’t any closer to dialing in how to get people to convert into leads and sales. Learn more about closing the loop for your company in this article we recently put out.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article will help you find the right path for online marketing. I know how frustrating it can be to focus only on keyword rankings. If you take the step to truly communicating with your target audience, it’ll free you from quite a headache and help you focus on tying your marketing efforts to revenue.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’ve provided a free downloadable on how to launch and measure a remarkable campaign with our “Marketing Tool Kit” ebook. Your can also schedule a free consultation with us by clicking here.