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I understand how it works with most businesses. You get dozens (or more) of calls per month from people who say they are from Google or who say they are an SEO expert. They promise you top of the page rankings in Google and provide crazy sounding case studies from some of the work they are currently doing or have done which may have you convinced that SEO is going to increase your lead volume into huge ROI.

I say this because I just sat down with a lawyer in Everett a few weeks back who had the exact story above from another competitor of mine in the local area. They knew very little about search engine optimization and had been “sold” by my competitor that they could drive 100’s of leads to them every month… wait… WHAT? I immediately told the client that this type of selling is just not fair to them. Let me break down why this type of selling is not fair:

First, the average value of a conversion for the lawyer I was consulting with is about $6000. Their average closing ratio is about 40%-60% (depending on the quality of the lead). So, that means 100 leads at an average closing ratio of 40% is 40 actual new clients every month. 40 new clients at an average of $6000 each is $240,000 of new client revenue from only online marketing efforts… WOW, Sign me up!!!

If it sounds too good to be true… it is.

About a week after my conversation with the first Everett Lawyer I sat down with another lawyer in the Everett area who was working with an online marketing “lead generation”company. The second attorney firm wanted to discuss a new way of generating leads for themselves because the type of leads they were getting from their internet marketing company were extremely poor.

Frankly, if a company was really providing high quality leads in those numbers to a lawyer firm they’d be stupid to not create their own law practice. Also, if their lead generating system was really that effective, they’d never lose a client.

The most annoying part about the bid that was put out to the first lawyer was that my competitor SEO company promised to discount their services by 25% if the client signed up that day! Are you kidding me!! What kind of high quality service has to offer discounts to businesses?

attorney seo seattle

Two Rules:

  1. If you’re an SEO company and a client wants you to discount your service… run the other way!
  2. If you’re a Lawyer looking for SEO Services and the company you’re looking to hire offers a discount if you sign up right away… run the other way!

Getting a discounted service makes NO SENSE! It’s a sales gimmick from the SEO guy and from the client’s perspective it is a way of saying, “I’m not going to respect your services”. If there’s one thing that I can’t stress enough to both SEO’s and people who are looking for online marketing it’s:

Don’t do business with people who don’t respect online marketing services

It’s inevitable, the services and client goals will never be aligned correctly and the end result will be bad!

Inbound Marketing is the New SEO

Inbound Marketing Seattle

Inbound marketing is not merely ranking keywords, it’s about streamlining online communication channels like blogging, e-mail, social, and PR to promote your brand in a way that captures people’s interest and then funnel them a lead generation/nurturing campaign (wait… what?).

It’s easy to understand keyword rankings: you’re not ranked for a keyword… you need to be ranked… get ranked…presto! What most businesses fail (and most SEO’s) at is how they need to line up their online communication to meet the demands of the different types of people who are visiting a website. I’m going to call these different types of people browsers, comparers, and buyers.

  1. Browser – They are at the top of your funnel (not ready to convert). They are looking for information that will help them make a more informed decision about purchasing your services.
  2. Comparer – They are at the middle of your purchasing funnel – These people would buy if you gave them a reason to but are still comparing services so that they make the most informed decision.
  3. Buyer – They are at the bottom of your purchasing funnel – All they need is a CTA that fits their need and they will complete the purchasing process for your services.

Most online marketing (and marketing in general) is done at the bottom of the funnel (leads ready to buy) and not done at the top of the funnel and middle. The problem here is that attorney’s never grasp how to really communicate their brand message through their website to each type of persona (your ideal clients) that needs answers so that they are able to continue their journey to the bottom of the funnel.

Inbound Marketing is still laser pinpointed at the bottom of your funnel to drive more leads but it does not stop there. The method of Inbound takes a holistic approach to your online communications so that at the end of the day you know exactly what makes people convert at every level.

Older SEO Methodologies that Always Failed

SEO is not the problem, it’s how you approach SEO combined with other elements of online marketing that makes a company successful with their web presence. Ranking keywords alone will always fail. Search Engines will change the way they rank, more competitors will try to rank for the same key-terms, and the “black hat SEO’s” will always try to hack their way to the top of search results. You can’t control what other people are going to do but you can control the way your brand communicates with your target persona’s.

Communicating well… is just hard!

Inbound is Full Service Online Marketing

Inbound is not just one element of optimizing your business, it’s many different types of elements combined together to produce a unique branding experience for your clients. Frankly, I’ve worked years to put together the awesome team here at Fannit to service highly competitive niches with great success. We’re vastly different and have much more capabilities then a typical SEO company.

What’s stronger, one lawyer or a team of lawyers who are able to come at a case from multiple angles? If you want to increase your chances of winning, you’ll want the team with a solid track record on your side every time.

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation.