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A blog posted on The VAR Guy by information technology sales and marketing expert, Kendra Lee, titled Pick Your Lead Generation Mantra to Live By reminded me that patience is definitely part of the marketing game…but how much?

Before we examine this, think about today’s modern business owner and executive team members;

  • Their online lives are controlled by apps
  • More information is delivered to them more quickly
  • Marketing resources are vast, and growing – how many times have you been called by an “SEO company” in the last year?

The better question might, therefore, be not how much patience, but which marketing activities require more patience and which should you expect to get results faster with?

In her article, Kendra encourages readers to pick one lead generation method (like email marketing, social media, or paid search) until they’ve mastered it – sage advice!

This takes patience and is great advice for those just learning about marketing since they may not really know where to start or they have had success with one method (like email marketing) and are ready to add on to their marketing capabilities.

All marketing takes patience to get results, but lets examine the spectrum of how you might look at the speed of obtaining results from a few popular marketing activities.

SEO marketing strategies

Fastest: >30 Days

  • Setting up and configuring Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for your web site can start to give you online marketing data right away, but knowing what the data tells you will take some analysis.
  • Paid search marketing including Google or Facebook Ads and retargeting gives you almost immediate feedback as to whether or not the adds draw clicks and if those clicks come to your web site and convert into leads.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) design and A/B testing will tell you within 30 days, given a large enough volume of visitors, which design for your website’s home (or internal) page will convert visitors to leads best.

Moderate: 1-3 months

  • Content marketing, including blogs, microsites, eBooks, press releases, and landing pages all take time to create, but are usually evergreen content – it could take 30-90 days to start seeing traffic results from your efforts
  • Email marketing establishes an immediate connection if someone opens the email and clicks on the call to action within the email, but it could take multiple emails to finally deliver a qualified lead – it all depends on where the buyer is in the buying cycle.
  • Event marketing: this includes attending or having a booth at an industry event to network. Although you are likely to get cards of people you meet and they may visit your web site, it tends to take several months to develop strong relationships from these events.

Slower: 3-12 months

  • Social media marketing is usually good when you have already touched a prospect or partner with 2 other forms of marketing first. For example, I personally have connected with Kendra Lee through email and on the phone prior to linking with her on Twitter and LinkedIn – this has taken a few years.
  • Website and keyword rankings take a constant, iterative approach to making adjustments using SEO techniques and could take a solid 6 months to make marked improvements – and longer if your website is under penalty from Google.
  • Outbound calling probably takes the most patience of all of the marketing techniques mentioned because the best outbound is done across multiple stages

The nuances of marketing in today’s business world can go very deep and take sophisticated talent to be done really well.

So, my advice is to first understand what your marketing problems are, then define what you need your marketing to do to obtain your sales goals. Then, be patient with the marketing activities you are employing.

Rome (or any great marketing capabilities) was not built in a day.