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Hi, I’m Keith Eneix I’d like to introduce you to a winning Marketing team that has consistently driven proven results for Executives and Marketing Managers just like you.

My brother and I started our company in 2010 with the desire to help companies in the Seattle area develop predictable revenue by building a reliable marketing & sales machine. Let’s build your machine together!


Keith Eneix

Keith Eneix

My Brother and I started Fannit 7 years ago to help my dad recover from the 2008 recession. Not only have we helped our dad's business bounce back to a 7 figure a year business but we've helped create millions of dollars of revenue for local service companies by building predictable marketing machines with our amazing team of Fannit Marketers.

Neil Eneix

Neil Eneix

After graduating from college with my degree in Bible I dove into business with my brother to help local business owners unlock their true growth potential. I was tired of seeing companies receive low-quality marketing services. We are blessed to have amazing clients and a marketing team that consistently drives incredible results.

Tony Lael

Tony Lael

I graduated with my MBA and dove into multiple software startups in the early 2000's. I cut my teeth in the startup world for years which has given me the financial, sales, and marketing skills needed to help companies build the marketing and sales machine they need to hit their growth goals. Growing a business is tough, let me help you get to where you want to be.

Seattle SEO company - Keith Eneix

We provide Professional Search Engine Optimization services to businesses who are looking for full service solutions. Our professional internet marketing services come with two options. We will either provide a client with training and SEO, or we will only provide a client with hands off search engine optimization. Our professional packages are for the enterprise or local level business who is looking to spend $2,500+ per month on their company’s online presence.

Some of the clients we’ve worked with include:

Medical Field – Dentists, General Medical Practice, and Plastic Surgeons.

Home Improvement – Home Builders, Carpet Retailers, Carpet Cleaners, Contractors, Heating & Air Conditioning, Landscapers, and Plumbers.

Other Professional Fields – Lawyers, Marketing Firms, Technology, ECommerce, Web Design, Wedding Planners.

Affiliate Marketing – We do also provide hands off solutions for Affiliate marketers. We’ve developed multiple assets for the finance and insurance industries.

Our Methods for Professional Search Engine Marketing

The start of any good optimization campaign begins with an in-depth discovery process. This is where we seek to understand your needs as a client. This is also where any problems with your current website will be looked at, and a tentative statement of work (SOW) will be developed to show you how these problems will be fixed and how we will be able to attain mutual growth goals for SEO. We reverse engineer growth goals from the target number of leads you want to acquire each month. Because leads will be acquired in the first month of your marketing campaign, you should always expect to combine pay per click (PPC) as part of the overall monthly marketing strategy.

SEO Assessment

If you are looking to increase your search engine visibility through organic search engine optimization, we can provide you with a full website assessment. Our SEO assessment includes 10 hours of in-depth research to analyze the health of your site. We also do a deep analysis of what your competitors are doing to achieve their search engine rankings for you.

How an Analysis Can Help Your Company Grow

If you are new to the search engine optimization game, an SEO assessment is a great place to start. An assessment will give you a solid baseline toward understanding why your site is not healthy and why your competitors are outranking you in search results. Once you understand the who, what, and why’s of your web presence, we will suggest a solid plan of attack to improve your search engine rankings.

What a Site Assessment Entails

First, we will look at your website content and structure. We will need to quality control any issues and begin with the foundation of your business first.

Second, we analyze your link profile to see whether or not you are experiencing problems from spammy links, or over optimization.

Third, we compile this report for your business along with a recommended campaign plan to help get your website out of the Google penalty box.