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Let’s face it: Blogging is not the most popular thing to be doing these days. But it is not without its uses. While it may seem like the only people left blogging are health food fanatics and those seeking simply to express themselves, blogging is an incredibly effective tool when working to publicize your business to your local community.

No matter what kind of shop you run or service you provide, keeping a current blog might be just what you need to reach more customers in your local community.


Blogging to Benefit Your Business

Blogging is a surprisingly common tool used to attract customers and readers to your business or program. This is accomplished by strategically writing to target your local SEO. Here are several benefits that this kind of writing can produce to help increase your community’s awareness of your business and boost your credibility.

Crisp Content

Many of the people that are involved with blogging know the benefits that result from continually putting out fresh content for their viewers and for search engines. Old articles or out of date information will not attract clientele, nor will it be what search engines want to offer to searchers. By keeping a blog up to date with fresh, interesting information that is relevant to your business and local community, you will increase the chances of people reading your content and coming into contact with your services.

Exhibit Expertise

When interesting or instructive content is discussed on your blog, it is an opportunity for you as the business owner to demonstrate your knowledge about your particular product or service. When readers see your skill and familiarity related to your work, they will automatically trust you as a local businessmen and consider you in the future.


By strategically writing about local events, popular topics, or simply about your own business, certain keywords will frequently appear throughout your post. This high ranking of keywords will increase the likelihood your post being selected by search engine when those particular keywords are searched for by users.

By strategically blogging to target certain keywords, you can increase your chances of local clientele viewing your content and becoming familiar with you business.

blogging content marketing for small businesses

How To Blog Locally

Business owners today are taking advantage of blogging’s potential by having professional writers produce content. Even on a monthly bases, writers and owners release fresh content that will keep their blogs current. If all of the benefits listed above are benefits you would like to see your business experiencing, here are a few tips on what to write about to attract your clientele.

Local Events

Discussing local events or projects will not only rank high in a local keyword search, but it will also communicate to your community a sense of awareness and involvement in your area. Many people really appreciate community participation, and value discussion and perspective  on local happenings. Readers will become familiarized with your business and come to trust you as a neighbor.

Local Places

While this may require a bit of travel and effort on your part, a familiarity with your city or town can have the same affect on your blog rankings and business awareness as writing about local events.  This does not have to be a huge commitment, but it can have considerable benefits for you business and your credibility. As you frequent various local businesses, you build a network of relationships. These relationships can result in blogging backlinks, increased brand awareness, referrals, and a host of other benefits.

Local Businesses

People like to see that you are interested in the lives of their family and friends when you invest in other local businesses. A positive recommendation or comment about another business can not only benefit their services, but it is very likely they will also recommend you in return, making your services known to their entire clientele base and establishing comradery between your businesses.

Blogging may seem like an obscure and irrelevant form of communication, but in actuality it is an incredibly effective tool when seeking to increase local awareness of your business and boost your SEO.

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