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5 Major Problems that Marketing Managers Face

As the marketing field continues to change and develop, keeping up with the times can be a difficult task. Marketing managers are faced with the challenge of managing and organizing their marketing teams and strategies to perform successfully on every available...

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The 3 Totally Wrong Ideas People Have About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a terribly misunderstood field. After the tactics and methods developed for SEO during 2005 when the search engine crawlers were just getting started, many people have the general impression SEO is all about taking shortcuts and using...

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Who is your Target Blogging Audience?

I recently came across an article called “Don’t Make These 5 Business Blogging Mistakes”. As someone who writes a blog post between 5 and 7 times a week, I was instantly intrigued. This article was a great read. It emphasized that it is almost impossible for a...

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The Best Local SEO Strategies for 2015

Any business with a physical location needs a good SEO strategy. Whether you'ore a lawyer, dentist, doctor, retail outlet, or local restaurant, if your best demographic comes from your local area, then local SEO is a must. I want to discuss some of the best local SEO...

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13 SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making

Search Engine Optimization is often a constant game of just trying to figure out what really works and that's why I am going to be showing you some of the biggest misconceptions beginners tend to have .. 1. Thinking Paid Search is Search Engine Optimization While...

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Are You a Marketing Manager or a Marketing Leader?

I just read the most inspiring blog today called 3 Ways Marketers Can Stay Informed and Inspired, written by Jay Baer, President and Founder of Convince & Convert. Among other things, Mr. Baer discusses the difference between running your business and being a...

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Blogging to Increase Local Awareness and SEO

Let’s face it: Blogging is not the most popular thing to be doing these days. But it is not without its uses. While it may seem like the only people left blogging are health food fanatics and those seeking simply to express themselves, blogging is an incredibly...

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