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Any business with a physical location needs a good SEO strategy. Whether you’ore a lawyer, dentist, doctor, retail outlet, or local restaurant, if your best demographic comes from your local area, then local SEO is a must. I want to discuss some of the best local SEO strategies you can implement in the year 2015.

The best local SEO strategies for 2015

Major Differences Between Local and National SEO

While both are based on backlinks, on-page factors, indexing, and social media, local SEO differs from national SEO through several unique elements. For local SEO you need to claim a local profile on several platforms, including Google and Bing. This local listing of your business will show in localized online searches. Another important element of a local SEO strategy is what it is called a citation. This is any mention of your business online, including the exact company name, location and phone number. And the third important element in a local SEO strategy is having reviews and online testimonials from your customers.

In order to implement a good local SEO strategy for the year 2015 you also need to remember several important details. You have to ensure that your company name, phone number, and address are listed on each and every page of your website. They should be listed in the exact same format you see in your local listing on Google (very important). Your Meta descriptions, title tags, and content on your website should include your city and state names. You should also use Schema local markup in order to show your location to search engines. A KML file may also be useful on your website to send as many signals as possible.

The factors that have the greatest impact on local listings are: the number of reviews, the number of citations, and how positive the reviews are. Positive testimonials and reviews imperative to your brand reputation.

Let’s list out all these mentioned factors so that we can outline a good SEO strategy in 2015:

  • Create a local listing on Google Places and ensure you complete it 100 percent. Do not use any location names or keywords in your business title or description that are not part of your official business name.
  • Use a listing service such as Whitespark to syndicate the information from your Google Places on other major local citations. Each of these is a signal that provides tremendous value for your local SEO.
  • Use a tool like this one on fiverr to build out your social profiles to show your company name, phone and address. These are all useful local citations.
  • You can also use a tool such as the Whitespark local citation finder to research the best citation sources for your city. You also can get citations on guest blog posts.
  • Ensure that you have good on-site SEO and that several of the links you build also contain your city and state.
  • Ensure you get happy customers leaving positive testimonials and reviews on Google Places. Encourage your customers to rate their experience with your services and products.

As a small business you may want to consider hiring a specialized local SEO agency. Local SEO can often be too complex for a beginning online marketer. However, if you cannot afford this, I would suggest you check out some of the online resources I mentioned above. Good luck with building your local SEO, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Fannit for more info.