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Writers block is a common problem that causes consternation and frustration among even the most experienced writers. It can be caused by a variety of factors, but whatever the source of the problem, the result is the same — disabling writers from producing quality content.

When preparing to write marketing content, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure the final product is high quality and attractive to viewers.

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Target Your Audience

Everyone knows that it’s nearly impossible to hit a target you can’t see. In the same way, you can’t write quality content if you don’t know what kind of buyer persona you are aiming to attract. Once you know which buyer persona matches your product, you will then be able to follow the remaining steps to produce content that will attract your desired audience.

Choose A Topic

When you go to select a topic, keep your buyer persona in mind, but also think of your company brand. Select a subject that your audience will be interested in that will also accentuate and draw attention to the unique characteristics of your company.

In preparation for your writing, consider what style of writing to use. Whether it be forceful and technical or instructional and creative, find what works and try to write adhere to that style consistently throughout your article.

Also consider investigating how other writer’s content on the same topic has faired, and if there are particular traits or styles that have been successful and would be worth replicating. A little research into what has and has not worked previously could be all it takes to make your content outstanding.

Select a Title

When considering how to title your article, there are a couple tips you should know so that you are able to produce a title that will attract the eyes of viewers.

Keep It Short

It’s ideal that your title be no longer than 70 characters, since that is the point at which search engines tend to trim the title. Keep it short and sweet so as not to have your title get lost amidst all the other headlines.

Keep It Real

Title your article in such a way that the important words and phrases are toward the beginning of your 70 characters. Also be sure that they are an accurate representation of the content of your article. No one likes to select an article and then find out that the text has nothing to do with the title shown. Be strategic, but also be honest.

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Build a Structure

As you prepare to structure your content, be aware that some people will just want to scan through the headings and grab what they need, while others will want to comb through the content and pull out every intricate detail. Your writing structure can meet the needs of both.

Write for Readers

Don’t be afraid to invest time in producing quality content for those that are interested in reading deep on your topic. Your knowledge about the topic could be the information they want and need.

Structure for Scanners

Let your sub-headings and headings encapsulate the idea you want to communicate through your article. Allow the flow of headings to provide the general idea you want communicated to your audience.

Learn to Write Well

Spending time to learn how to write engaging, entertaining, and attractive content is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some tips to keep in mind while producing material.

Avoid Pointless Sentences

If a sentence or statement does not add meaning or clarity to your topic, it needs to be either fixed or removed. Readers are engaged by content that is informative and entertaining, so avoid sentences that are just ‘spinning wheels’. Fresh content and accurate terminology is also a must.

Broaden Your Vocabulary

When you notice certain words appearing repeatedly throughout your writing, grab a thesaurus and look for a word or words that say the same thing in a different or stronger way. This helps to captivate your readers and keeps them away from boredom. Repeated words = uninterested reader.

Watch Your Grammar

If you are a writer, you ought to be familiar with general punctuation and syntax. When you have a grammatical question that arises, the internet, writing professors, and grammar books are all resources you can utilize to find the answer and perfect your style.

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After your article is complete, go back through and comb through every paragraph. While this may seem tedious and time consuming, often this is the point at which writers recognize silly mistakes, missing words, or bad sentence structure. Checking your work twice gives you the chance to replace weak verbs with stronger ones, remove or edit poor sentences, and correct any errors in grammar or punctuation.

Read It Aloud

It is highly recommended that after you have gone through and checked your content, that you read it aloud. This enables you to hear your content, opening up further opportunity for editing and clarification.

And there you have it; our list of strategies inherent in good marketing content. While our list may not be perfect or complete, we hope it has taught, encouraged, or inspired you, as a writer, to put your best foot forward and produce incredible content.