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When searching for an inbound marketing agency to meet your inbound marketing needs, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on which business to partner with. Who offers the services you need? Can they provide quality services? Will they be communicative and timely? Will they be flexible if you want things changed or adjusted? These are all necessary questions to ask.


Over our years of work as an inbound marketing agency, we’ve identified 3 critical areas where skill and reliability should be demonstrated.

1. Attractive Manner

Every inbound marketing agency should work to present their services in a way that demonstrates their trustworthiness and reliability. This starts with the face they give their website. A clean layout, clear information, and easy access to contact info demonstrates organisation, skill, and confidence.

Behind every product or service is a team. The character of a business’s team members can give business owners a glimpse into the capabilities of the organisation. Teams of passionate people that are energetic and motivated will be showcased in the quality of their services and interactions with their clients or customers. They are intentional about providing you great services that meet your expectations and needs.

The best inbound marketing agencies are the ones that won’t leave you in the dust. Instead, as they work to create and develop marketing strategies and content, they are bringing you along for the ride. This means learning about your needs, desires, and ideas so that they are equipped to offer you the best they can give.

At Fannit, we work to make our services readily available to businesses that are looking to increase their sales and conversions. Our staff offers free consultations to learn about the problems businesses are facing and to offer assistance and advice on how to help their company reach new heights.

2. Quality Services

It is very possible for a company to be all it can be in appearance, but lack substantial services. The quality of services they provide and the rate of customer satisfaction will assist in determining if this is a business you can trust with your inbound marketing. Here is a brief list of some of the things to look for in an inbound marketing business:

  • Current, well-informed, content that is powerful and effective
  • Tailored and specialized inbound marketing strategies
  • Skilled use of SEO to create keyword dense content
  • Active analysis of traffic and website statistics
  • Clear and frequent communication with clients

3. Great Results

At the end of the day, you want a inbound marketing agency that you can trust to provide great products and real results. If an inbound marketing agency seems to be providing great services, but can’t seem to get noticeable results, they’re probably not worth your time.

Another way to analyze if a marketing agency is really worth your time and money is to asses the testimonies of previous customers. Great services mean real results, and real results make for happy customers. By taking a closer look at the experiences of current or previous customers, you take into account their experiences and results.

Successful marketing agencies know how to set tangible goals and will decide how they want to reach them. They will actively measure and analyze their performance, and adjust their strategy when seen as necessary. They consider what makes your company unique, and work to make it stand out. In addition to all of this, they must be able to consistently provide great quality content and quality services.

At Fannit, we’re known for our quality services and great results. After having met with clients to identify a marketing strategy, our staff actively works to communicate with customers so as to best provide for their needs.